Go into the woods...

It’s hard to explain the feelings and the meaning of my outings to the woods. For me it is going back to basics, diving into our primordial needs, spending time in direct contact with nature. It feels like passing through a door, a transformation where I leave the world of everyday problems and enter into a parallel universe where I am free from commitments, problems and worries. A world where there's only nature and me with its unwritten but perfect rules. Just me and the animals, unique beings that I admire and love most of all, with their basic needs and practical living, without the need for anything superfluous, just the desire to live and enjoy the present, without regretting the past or worrying about the future. In these moments I feel like a part of this fantastic world, an enormously respectful supporting actor, observing and admiring, with childhood dreams that blend into reality. A world where all regular human values no longer exist, and where these values are completely altered and replaced by the simple but fundamental values of nature. A place to live in silence and alone, contemplating everything in it. And in these situations, I do not notice that time is passing. I, like the animals, enjoy and live in the present. To go into the woods is to always learn something new, a line in that enormous and widely read book that is the great outdoors. A book whose very first page I will never even finish, but whose every word, syllable, letter, always give me great excitement. An open book, always around for me to leaf through, where my dreams come true, where I lose myself and find myself over and over again, where I always learn new things and where there is only right now.


NORWAY August 2020



COASTAL WOLVES - Canada Ago-17